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History Of Senac

Senac is a private professional education organization established under public law number 8,621 on January 10, 1946, with the objective to collaborate on developing, spreading and improving professional education for the economy’s trade and service sector.

In Rio Grande do Sul Senac was introduced on September 13 of the same year and over these 68 years of activity in the state it has been helping people and organizations grow through professional education work, providing professionals with training and preparing them for the job market.

Senac-RS Regional Administration
Av. Alberto Bins, 665 - Centro/Porto Alegre/RS
Cep (Zip Code): 90030-142


"Educate for jobs involving the trade of goods, services and tourism."


"By 2020, the quality of production and dissemination of Senac/RS’ knowledge will allow for an operational result that will make it possible to apply 100% of mandatory contributions to actions that are free-of-charge."


"Purposeful Action; Search for harmony; Conscious action; One’s best state of being; Focus on the truth; Responsible for the whole; Act in favor of solutions; Balance of interests; Autonomy for the organization's periphery; Self-organization"


Senac uses the following guiding principles to carry out our educational work:

- development of job skills, flexibility,
- contextualization,
- the identity of professional profiles and constant updating of knowledge.

The quality of our services are based on the following commitments:

- Ensure our employees’ competence, both professionally and as human beings;
- Interact with clients, looking to identify and satisfy their expectations and needs;
- Provide adequate infrastructure to comply with legal requirements;
- Practice a management system that identifies opportunities for improvement and implements them.


As Senac engages in our educational work, we seek to raise the environmental awareness of everybody involved, being committed to:

- Develop programs and actions aiming towards preserving the environment and quality of life;
- Train, reeducate and raise awareness towards the search for continuous improvement in such a way as to ensure an environment that is healthy and available for generations to come;
- Reuse materials as much as possible, postponing their recycling or final disposal, continuously reducing the waste of energy and natural resources.


See for yourself the reports Senac has been included in and prizes we have won with your help: 2007/2008/2009 Marcas de Quem Decide (Brands of Those who Decide) - Marca mais lembrada e Preferida (Most Remembered, Favorite Brand) - Categoria Ensino de Capacitação Profissional – (Professional Training Education Category).

Prêmio Gula 2008 (Gluttony Award) – 3rd place in Cooking School category

Highlight: school in city of Bagé wins third straight award in the category Professional Training School

Senac Uruguaiana wins Bronze in Prêmio Qualidade RS 2008 (RS Quality Award)

Senac Informática wins Bronze in Prêmio Qualidade RS 2008 (2008 RS Quality Award)

Senac-RS Environmental Management Project wins first ever prize in the area of social responsibility - Top Responsabilidade Social do 5° Fórum Mundial de Comunicação Social (Social Responsibility Prize of the 5th World Social Communication Forum)

Prêmio Gula 2007 (Gluttony Award) – 2nd place in Cooking School category

Concurso internacional de gastronomia Uruguay a La Carta 2007 (Uruguay a La Carta International Cooking Contest) – 2nd place

Senac National Competitions

Concurso Nacional de Alunos do Senac (Senac Student National Competition) - Fenaostra 2004 (National Oyster and Azorean Culture Fair), Santa Catarina – 1st place in the kitchen category

Concurso Nacional de Alunos do Senac (Senac Student National Competition) – Fenadoce 2005 (National Sweets Fair), Rio Grande do Sul – 1st place in the patisserie category confeitaria

Concurso Nacional de Alunos do Senac (Senac Student National Competition) – Bahia 2006 – 1st place in the kitchen category

"Executives must take into consideration the effects their companies have on worldwide ecosystems. Governments and clients will charge each company their share of environmental responsibility." (CRONON, William - Univ. de Wisconsin, writer)


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